Sunday, May 31

Long Time No See

I try to hold this tear to drop
So I am just crying inside
Trying to act like I am not affected at all
By all the things happen
But deep inside my heart
I feel the pain
And I need to heal faster
To wake up and walk again
Searching new path
To bring me there
I leave it to Him
The Almighty
To decide the best for me
The right path to be
He always knows the best
Understand me enough
That I am not prepared
To leave my comfort zone
And jump to the new world
O Allah
Show me the way
Where I can carry my dream
To be a better me
p/s: Finally the tear drop when one of my-unexpected-student came and said she will felt my missing.
p/s/s: All the things happen for a reason. Just swallow it and keep moving :-)

My dream to find my ex-housemate back in 2007 should be forgotten at the moment ;(