Tuesday, April 3

Google Site = E-Learning

Alhamdulillah, emosi dah stabil..hehe

 Back to real life, I have created one google site as a medium for me to interact with my students. Conducting a big size of class is not an easy task, especially when you have something important to announce out of class hour. Spreading the message tru SMS or text is not efficient at all, as maybe half of the class would not get the info. Even there are is AUTH** (e-learning medium, provided for staff), I found that the tools is not friendly at all. Most of my students cannot get tru the tool, make me frustrated every time I leave any announcement. It is like, you talk, but no one notice what are you talking about...eh, tension lor!!

So what did I do to solve the problem? Here is the answer..


With this site, I can use a lot of interactive ways on educating my students. I am not focusing on lecture contents only, but I love to share some information related to our life. Most of the students are too young, and just get a ticket from their parents for freedom. Being a teenagers, they are still looking and searching for the right path to keep going. So, I have to keep reminding them on what they can do and don't.  

This site is just one week old. There is a lot of improvement can be done. Give a comment if you have any idea. Maybe you will ask, why not using blog? Both of the medium, blog and google site, can be used as an e-learning medium, but google site has provided template that suit to your need. Just choose and edit, as simple as that.

p/s: I am too bad on grammar, please advise me..hehe