Friday, September 21

More oxygen, please!

For the whole week, I feel dizziness and lightheadedness that never happen before. After 3 days of uncomfortable feeling, I decided to seek for doctor advice. And as what I expect, it is low blood pressure (my family history is more to high blood pressure, that makes me wondering where this 'low' comes from,huhu).

So, after some reading, I realized that my heart and lung do not work hard enough to pump all the 'essential things' (blood, oxygen etc) needed for my brain, kidney and all to work as normal as it is. "Now you know brain why you feel dizzy all the time, because you don't get enough oxygen. Go and find them!" said me to my brain...hehe

Ok,ok let us ask this heart and lung to be more productive. It is to ensure I can focus on my work and my life. But how?

1. Eat salty food - checked, I will eat salty egg, salty fish and ikan pekasam in every meal.
2. Drink some caffeine - checked, I have a coffee in my pantry, I will make sure I finished it.
3. Exercise more - checked too, still looking for my skipping rope. Huhu or else I can do these exercises :

Walking: Beginners should start by walking 5 to 10 minutes at a time gradually increase up to at least 30 minutes per session.
Squats - Low BP exercise
Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and the back straight. Bend the knees and lower the rear as if sitting down in a chair, keeping the knees over the ankles. Tips: Practice squats with a chair to master this move. First, sit all the way down in the chair and stand up. Next, do not sit on the chair; barely touch the chair's seat before standing back up. Finally, graduate to doing squats without a chair.
Lunges - Low BP exercise
Take a big step forward, keeping the spine straight. Bend the front knee to approximately 90 degrees. Keep weight on the back toes and drop the back knee toward the floor - but do not let it touch the floor.
Push-ups - Low BP exercise
Face down, place hands slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart. Place toes or knees on the floor, creating a smooth line with the body, from shoulders to knees or feet. Keeping rear-end muscles and abdominals engaged, lower and lift the body by bending and straightening the elbows, keeping the torso stable throughout the move.
Abdominal Crunches
Abdominal crunches - Low BP exercise
Begin by lying on your back with feet flat on the floor and palms supporting your head. Press your low back down. Contract abdominals and raise first your head (tucking your chin slightly), then your neck, shoulders, and upper back off the floor. Tips: Perform crunches with your feet off the floor and knees bent. This technique may help you avoid arching your back; it also engages your hip flexors.

Simplified pushups for beginners

Wall push-up
Wall push-up Low BP exercise
It dramatically reduces the pressure on the arms, upper back and abs. Stand closer to the wall, it is easier to perform, but remember; it's still important to be aware of the body alignment. As once gain strength and confidence, move the feet slightly further away from the walls to make the workout more challenging. Feel free to consider moving knee style push-ups once the initial strength has increased.
Knee push up
Knee push up - Low BP exercise
Reduce the lifting load by about 50% for the same exercise, but do it on the knees. Keeping a straight line from neck to torso is still important, so please pay attention to correct body alignment when performing a workout. Feel free to consider moving to actual push-ups once strength and confidence have increased.
These low blood pressure exercises can strengthen muscles and nerves, which in turn helps to prevent sudden blood pressure variations. However, be cautious when practicing to do not change positions suddenly does everything slowly.
Thanks to :
So, brain, are you feel more  comfortable now? It is time to chase the oxygen, daaaa

Tuesday, June 19

Pavlova d Lova

Mula berkenalan dengan cik Lova ni kat rumah Kak LG, terus terpikat. Tengok cara-cara nak buat macam susah je, tapi sebenarnya tak la susah mana..hehe yang penting masa nak buat meringue tu memang banyak la pantang larang yang kena dipatuhi, kalau tidak gamaknya tak jadi la cik Lova ni.

A very light yet yummy dessert..Crispy at the outside, marshmallow soft in the inside...Worth to try, sebab mahal wei kalau beli, padahal tidak la susah mana pun..Nak tau cara-cara membuatnya, tengok kat sini ye.

 Tak tergoda ke tengok krim yang seksi tu?hehe

Kalau mengikut sejarah, nama Pavlova di ambil sempena nama penari balet Rusia bernama Anna Pavlova. Masa tu, Anna Pavlova melawat Australia dan New Zealand pada tahun 1920-an. Menurut sumber, negara asal wujudnya Pavlova ini adalah New Zealand, tapi Australia pun mengaku Pavlova wujud dari negara dia. Maka bergaduh la dua negara ni merebutkan si Lova ni. Haila, macam-macam. Tak kisah la ye dak, yang penting terima kasih pada chef yang mencipta dessert ni, sangat la sedap.

 Nak letak buah apa2 pun boleh je, nak letak grated chocolate pun boleh, ikut suka anak tekak masing2..

 Ni masa first time mencuba resepi ni, gambar sebelum di masak.

 Pakai whipping cream yang ready dalam botol tu je.

Agak kemik tapi tetap sedap.

p/s: Jangan lupa mencuba, pasti tak menyesal punya..

Tuesday, April 3

Google Site = E-Learning

Alhamdulillah, emosi dah stabil..hehe

 Back to real life, I have created one google site as a medium for me to interact with my students. Conducting a big size of class is not an easy task, especially when you have something important to announce out of class hour. Spreading the message tru SMS or text is not efficient at all, as maybe half of the class would not get the info. Even there are is AUTH** (e-learning medium, provided for staff), I found that the tools is not friendly at all. Most of my students cannot get tru the tool, make me frustrated every time I leave any announcement. It is like, you talk, but no one notice what are you talking, tension lor!!

So what did I do to solve the problem? Here is the answer..

With this site, I can use a lot of interactive ways on educating my students. I am not focusing on lecture contents only, but I love to share some information related to our life. Most of the students are too young, and just get a ticket from their parents for freedom. Being a teenagers, they are still looking and searching for the right path to keep going. So, I have to keep reminding them on what they can do and don't.  

This site is just one week old. There is a lot of improvement can be done. Give a comment if you have any idea. Maybe you will ask, why not using blog? Both of the medium, blog and google site, can be used as an e-learning medium, but google site has provided template that suit to your need. Just choose and edit, as simple as that.

p/s: I am too bad on grammar, please advise me..hehe

Monday, March 26


Tumpah juga air mata...
Tak tau kenapa rasa sedih sangat..
Datang kerja, tapi jiwa entah ke mana..
Datang mesyuarat, tapi fikiran melayang jauh ke mana..
Jumpa kawan-kawan, gelak-gelak, tapi hakikatnya, aku tiada di situ...

Rasa macam keseorangan..
Tak ada tempat nak mengadu...
Hilang arah hendak di tuju..
Hilang semangat nak jalankan tugas..

Balik rumah pun, rasa nak baring je..
Sian anak-anak...
Maafkan mama sayang,
Mama akan cuba kuatkan semangat mama..

Ujian apakah yang sedang aku hadapi..
Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu...
Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa-dosa ku...
Hanya engkau yang mampu mengubati hati ini...

Wednesday, March 21


These two words, entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are my best friends for this semester. Everyday I will try to think like an entrepreneur. And actually, I love to be an entrepreneur. I have got a plan to have my own business one day, InsyaAllah. Pastry and dessert for sure..hehehe..So the chances given hopefully will help me become a successful entrepreneur later.

 So, what did I do to act like a pro expert entrepreneur in front of my students? The word is READING!! Yeah, to enhance the knowledge, I read entrepreneur blogs, entrepreneur books, lectures online and videos on youtube.  The book that I love most is Nota Jutawan Nota Perniagaan by Irfan Khairi. This book is simple, full of illustrations, colourful and a lot of tips given for young entrepreneur.

 Picture taken from here

The latest book I just bought yesterday was Toolkit Usahawan Junior by Khairul Afzan Aziz. I am not finish with this book yet but the contents are just awesome too.

Picture taken from here

I love giving inspiration, motivation and tips to my students. Encouraging them to build small business while pursuing their study is what I do now. I believe that not all of us were born to be an entrepreneur but if we give ourselves the opportunity, it is not impossible though, right?

So, say to yourself, I am entrepreneur to be, insyaAllah!!

(where is the will, there will be the way----betul ke ayat ni? belasah je, hehe)

Wednesday, March 7

Kebun Sayur

Sayur, kalau kita tanam sendiri, memanglah sangat sedap sebab guna baja organik gitew. Tapi kadang-kadang, aku tak letak baja pun, biar je dia membesar dengan sendiri, lagi la organik ye tak..hehe

Tapi mood nak berkebun ni datang tak tentu masa, kadang2 rajin, tapi bila time malas, nak siram pokok pun payah..haha Sebenar-benarnya, memang best kalau tanam pokok, bila tengok pokok tu membesar, membesar,membesar dan berbuah, hai macam orang tengah bercinta je rasa nye(haha tuan rumah yang over)..lebih kepada terapi minda sebenarnya.

Layan je la gambar kebun haku yang tak seberapa ni ye..

Si Kacang Panjang 

Barisan Cik Tomato 

Ada effect air, baru seksi cik tomat hijau,hehe 

Haa, ambik, berderet... pilih je nak yang mana...

Cik Timun baru nak bercambah 

 Jangan malu-malu, silalah panjat ye..

 Baby Timun, boleh?hehe

 Cecili pun nak interframe juga..

 Ni yang pertama merah, memang manis le, tak masam pun..

 Tak lupa pembantu tukang kebun..

 Gigih nak siram anak benih

 Hasil semaian, timun tak berapa besar, baja organik kannn...

Yang terakhir, bakul Pembantu Kebun 1 dan Pembantu Kebun 2 (masa ni dia kecik lagi tak reti nak menyibuk lagi)

Seronoknya berkebun, bila ye nak mula balik??

Monday, March 5


Apa yang ada dengan angka 80??

Menurut seorang kiyai, sekali kita tinggalkan solat wajib, walaupun di qada selepas itu, Allah akan memasukkan kita ke dalam api neraka selama 80 tahun..huhu nak nangis bila dengar...

dan lagi, menurut kajian tak rasmi, 80% umat Islam di Malaysia tidak solat..20% yang solat itu pun, berapa % je yang betul2 kusyuk solat nya..huhuhu nak nangis sekali lagi..

Semoga Allah melindungi aku, keluarga, kawan2 dan negara dari azabnya...amin