Sunday, December 13

Paratha Wrap With Kebab,Veggies and Cheese

Today's brunch menu.. so easy to make.

Frozen paratha
Frozen kebab - can be change to anything (tuna, leftover chicken, sausage, serunding etc)
Tomato - sliced
Cucumber - sliced to thin layer
Cheddar cheese - grated
Mozarella cheese - grated

1. Cook frozen kebab in the oven for 5 minutes - refer to the instruction on the package.  Set a side.
2. Cook one side of frozen paratha in a frying pan. Once cook, turn over.
3. Put cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese on the paratha, let it melt for a while.
(Tip:It is best to cover the frying pan to let cheese melt faster and prevent the other side of paratha to be burn.)
4. Put veggies on top of cheese, then kebab and fold the paratha to wrap the filling.
5. Put the wrap paratha on the plate and enjoy it with chilli sauce and mayonnaise.


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